About Osso

You've worked hard building your product. Your customers want SAML sign-on, but itโ€™s complex and time-consuming to build and support. Osso was made so that you and your team can focus on the stuff you love, without getting bogged down by the details of SAML integration.

About Us-so

After losing work due to the pandemic, we founded Osso with the goal of working together on something that could help other business owners as they grew their own companies. After a few months of user research, development time, and QA, we launched to help make SAML SSO more accessible to startups at all stages of growth.

We have led and delivered complex product launches for companies like WeWork, Clearbit, imgix, VaynerMedia, and Vistaprint. Weโ€™re also hopelessly addicted to side projects.

The team

Sam Bauch

Engineering @ Clearbit, WeWork, VaynerMedia

Sam Carmichael

Product design @ WeWork, Founder @ The UpStanding Desk

Michael Teevan

Sales @ Clearbit, imgix, Nexonia / Certify