Our plans


If one of your customers is asking for SAML, this is your best option. Osso is a snap to integrate, and our monthly agreements give you the flexibility you need to scale up easily when business takes off.

  • Enables SAML SSO for up to 5 customers
  • Pick this if: you’re just starting to sell to Enterprise
Series A$199/mo

Multiple requests for SAML SSO? This is the plan for you. Once you’ve integrated Osso, onboarding a dozen customers is easy, and with our Admin UI your Sales team can handle it themselves.

  • Enables SAML SSO for up to 25 customers
  • Pick this if: you’ve got customer demand and have had SAML in your backlog for too long

You might have patched together SAML yourself, but by now the overhead and onboarding are becoming a pain. Let our expertise and intuitive documentation help you close more deals with less fuss.

  • Enables SAML SSO for up to 100 customers
  • Pick this if: your current solution costs too much – in dollars, developer time, or support burden

These days a lot of companies want to self-host certain critical services for a range of reasons. We’re here to help: we’ll work side by side with your dev team to design, build, and integrate the perfect Osso instance for your needs.

  • Enables SAML SSO for ALL of your customers
  • Pick this if: you want a bespoke solution that’s hosted on your own infrastructure

Frequently asked questions

Osso is for everybody

Still not seeing a plan that’s perfect for you? Osso is and will remain a free, open source piece of software that anyone can use by deploying to their own infrastructure. Check out our Github for more info (and star it to keep up with updates).

If we’re missing something that could be a big help to you or your organization, get in touch and let us know. We’re scrappy and we want your business.